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HIGHSHEAR™ Dynamic Mixer

HIGHSHEAR™ Dynamic mixers are designed for efficient dispersion and homogenization of reagents in oil.

The degree of refining edible oil solely depends on the dispersion of reagents used in degumming, acid conditioning, neutralization and water washing processes. HIGHSHEAR™ Mixer is a vertically mounted inline mixer which effectively disperses reagents in oil with high-intensity. The efficient mixing improves contact of reagents with impurities in oil.

HIGHSHEAR™ Mixers are available in different sizes for different capacities and duties. The mixers are made of Stainless Steel and have mechanical seal. It is provided with VFD for smooth start up and speed control which gives operational flexibility.

Highly robust HIGHSHEAR™ mixers with high performance and trouble-free operations are working successfully in all the installations supplied world-wide.