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Interesterfication changes physical properties of oil like melting point, consistency and plasticity. It causes intermolecule ester exchange which changes molecular composition of oil, while leaving fatty acid composition unchanged.

Blend of oils is taken to the agitated reactor via plate type heat exchanger which heats oil at process temperature. The blend is perfectly dried under vacuum to remove moisture from oil. Catalyst (sodium methoxide) is dozed into the reactor as per the requirements. Oil with catalyst is agitated in the reactor as the reaction proceeds. The sample is tested to check the completion of reaction. After the reaction is complete, phosphoric acid (as per the stoichiometry) is added to the reactor to stop the reaction, split the soap formed during reaction and reduce the excess alkalinity.

The residual soap is removed by bleaching the oil with bleaching earth and then oil is filtered by pressure leaf filters to separate it from bleaching earth. The oil is then sent for storage after polish filtration.