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DUALSCRUB™ - A Unique Two Stage Scrubbing Technology

Deodorization system operating at 1.5mmHg abs pressure with process temp of >250deg C and sparge steam of up to 0.8% of oil mass flowrate, distills FFA and other natural constituents in oil like sterols, tocopherol, tocotrienols.

Normally, all deodorization systems have scrubbing system which scrub the distillates as mixture and becomes general byproduct of comparatively lower value.

Our latest development in the deodorization techniques has added the concept of two stage scrubbing system - DUALSCRUB™. In DUALSCRUB™ system, the distillates coming from Deodorizer are condensed at two different temperatures. The vapors are first condensed at a higher temperature > 170 deg C in D804A – Hot Scrubber zone. This gives a “hot distillate” which consists of least volatile non-glyceride compounds like tocopherols, sterols, tocotrienols etc. Then the remaining more volatile components are condensed at lower temperature 60 – 80 deg C in D804B – Cold Scrubber zone. This gives FFA rich distillate. The condensation temperature are properly set which gives maximum separation between FFA and tocopherols streams.

Salient features:
  • Maximum separation between FFA and tocopherols streams.
  • No extra processing cost
  • Higher tocopherol yield in alkali refined soybean, sunflower and rapeseed oil.
  • In physical refined oils (crude Rice Bran Oil, crude Palm Oil) FFA content achieved in 2nd stage of scrubbing is:
    Feed oil FFA content (in %) DUALSCRUB™ FFA content (in %)
    4-5 >92%
    5-6 95%
    7 and above Upto 98%
  • Adds premium value to boththe products yielded from the two stages of scrubbing.
  • DUALSCRUB™ can be installed in existing systems too.