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FEVAC™ - Vacuum Final Heater

FEVAC™, Vacuum Final Heater heats edibles oils and fats in deodorization stage by using thermic fluid or high pressure steam or any other heating medium.

Working Principle:

The cold oil enters shell side of FEVAC™ at one end under vacuum. It flows through baffles and channels which ensure efficient heat exchange between shell and tube side fluids. After reaching the other end of shell, oil flows to deodorizer by gravity.

The heating medium enters FEVAC™ on tube side under pressure and flows through multiple tube passes. At the bottom of the shell, perforated tubes are placed to inject sparge steam into the shell.

Salient features:
  • Very high heat transfer rate due to high heat transfer area and counter-current flow of shell and tube side fluids.
  • Sparge steam strips undesirable volatile components from shell side oils, thus improving quality of oil
  • High overhead space resulting in no carry-over of oil in vacuum.
  • Drain valves are provided on both sides for quick draining during stock changes.
  • Sparge steam tubes are removable for easy maintenance
  • Tube-sheet is also removable for easy maintenance
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