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Gums which are removed in Water degumming stage, pose a critical disposal problem. To overcome this, gums can be dried and converted to Lecithin.

The hydrated gums extracted in water degumming process are heated to 90 – 100 deg C and passed through series of Scrapped Surface heat exchangers and Evaporators where moisture is removed and brought to below 0.5%. It is a two stage drying process i.e. at 50 mm Hg abs and 20 mm Hg abs pressures. The resultant dried gums are very light in color which has high commercial value in local as well as global market.

Dried gums are processed further for Lecithin powder manufacturing.

Soy Lecithin is a very good emulsifier and is typically used in confectionaries, bakery products and pharmaceutical industries.

Salient features:
  • Production of edible/ pharma grade/ Export quality lecithin (MR1/MR2 quality)
  • Specially designed scrapped surface heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer
  • Use of low pressure steam for no scorching of gums to retain the original color
  • Complete hermetically sealed system protects gums from oxidation
  • Highly robust and maintenance free
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