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LOWTRANS™ Deodorizer

LOWTRANS™ Deodorizer maintains two different temperature zones, High Temperature zone (245 – 260 deg C) and Low Temperature zone (230 – 240 deg C) under vacuum of 1.2 Torr. The high temperature zone is the stripper, where the heated oil at 245 – 260 deg C comes from the Final Heater FEVAC™. After stripping at high temperature, the temperature of oil is lowered to 230 – 240 deg C by regenerative heat exchange with bleaching oil going to Final Heater FEVAC™.

This dual temperature zone deodorization, removes FFA, tocopherols and other components while keeping a check on trans fatty acid isomer content in final oil.

Salient features:
  • Trans fatty acid isomer content < 0.5%
  • Operating Pressure : 1.2 Torr
  • Efficient stripping in Dual temperature zones