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LOWTRANS™ Deodorization

Deodorizing vegetable oils at high temperature for longer retention time leads to formation of trans fatty acid isomers. Due to ill-effects of trans fatty acid isomer on human health, its content needs to be kept as low as possible. Hence, low deodorization temperatures need to be maintained to control the trans fatty acid isomer content in the final oil.

Our LOWTRANS™ Deodorization process keeps a check on the content of trans fatty acid isomers by Deodorizing in two different temperature zones, High Temperature zone (245 – 260 deg C) and Low Temperature zone (230 – 240 deg C) under vacuum of 1.2 Torr. The high temperature zone is the stripper, where the heated oil at 245 – 260 deg C comes from the Final Heater FEVAC™. After stripping at high temperature, the temperature of oil is lowered to 230 – 240 deg C by regenerative heat exchange with bleaching oil going to Final Heater FEVAC™.

This dual temperature zone deodorization, removes FFA, tocopherols and other components while keeping a check on trans fatty acid isomer content in final oil.

Salient features:
  • Trans fatty acid isomer content < 0.5%
  • Operating Pressure : 1.2 Torr
  • Efficient stripping in Dual temperature zones