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PACKD™ Deodorization

Deodorization is the final stage of Oil refining. PACKD™ Deodorization not only removes odoriferous and unwanted components to produce bland and stable oil but also adds value to the by products(Tocopherols,FFA, PFAD etc..)

PACKD™ Deodorizer consists of high efficiency packed Stripping Column and Retention column designed for deodorization and deacidification of fats and oils. The stripping column consists of specially designed structured packing.


The heated oil from final heater flows to the distributor on the top of the column by gravity. The packed bed consists of layers of structured packing. Oil spreads evenly over the packing and trickles down as a thin layer on the structured packing. The stripping steam from spargers located at bottom of column, flows in counter current direction to oil flow. Since, the column is under vacuum and oil at high temperature, steam strips off volatile components and carries it to the vapor outlet at the top of the stripping column.

The oil from stripping column flows down to the retention vessel just below the column where oil is given retention of at least 80 minutes. The retention vessel consists of multiple trays with baffles and sparging steam arrangement. The sparging steam continuously strips volatile substances and take it to vacuum duct. Oil flows from one tray to another by overflow arrangement. Then oil undergoes regenerative heat exchange with incoming bleached oil and further polishing and final cooling.

Salient features:
  • The extensive surface area created by structured packing enhances the stripping action
  • Low stripping steam requirement – 0.8 % for small and medium capacity plants and 0.5 – 0.6 % for large capacity plants.
  • Lower load on vacuum system
  • Reduction in unwanted or side reactions (polymerization, isomerization etc)
  • Sparge steam tubes can be removed for maintenance
  • No splash oil generation
  • Ideal for deodorization of specialty fats
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