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Process Automation

DVC Process Technologists offer economical and most effective Process Automation solutions to tank farms, seed storage, extraction and refining processes. The precise selection of automation logic, quality instruments and detailed understanding of processes are fundamental requirements in offering effective and economical process automation. DVC Process Technologists have a dedicated team of process and automation engineers who work to deliver best automation solutions to customers.

Tailor Made Solutions

We offer tailor made automation solutions for batch as well as continuous processes. It is possible to provide the automation solution in the existing process plants also.

Planning Ahead

Tank Farm Automation is meant for automatic handling of process fluid going in and out of multiple numbers of storage tanks.

For high capacity of process plants, it is tedious to observe and control the oil flow and oil level in multiple numbers of storage tanks spread over a vast area. Such manual working would require high man power due to which operation speeds will be slower and it would create high chances of manual error. Such error in working of tank farm would result in loss of raw material, product, and intermediate products.

Tank Farm Automation supplied by DVC ensures complete automatic operation of tank farm system on a single system operated by a single operator. We use high degree of automation with precise selection of various instruments to check level, flow and heating of process fluid in storage tanks.

Tank Farm Automation

The planning of automation in early stage while deciding on process plant is helpful in reduction of cost and time. In automation, it is very important to select proper line sizes and isolation valves of appropriate rating, drive systems for conveyors and pumps which are going to be part of control system where may be provided with variable speed drives.

Advantages of Automation by DVC:

The entire operations in the storage and process plant can be controlled through the single central processor, with a facility of localized control points for individual section if needed.

Perfect selection field instruments and reliable processors and related electronic components in reference to the required duty conditions

Collected data for various parameters and consumption can be linked to production and commercials.

Manpower reduction

Status of entire operations can be viewed from remote places by radio frequency communication mode as well as through networking.

Any variation observed in quality of products due to change in process parameters, it can be easily analyzed and corrective actions can be taken immediately.

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