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Key Equipment

HIGHSHEAR™ Dynamic Mixer

HIGHSHEAR™ Dynamic mixers are designed for efficient dispersion and homogenization of reagents in oil.

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HIBLEACH™ Bleacher

HIBLEACH™ Bleacher is equipped with mechanical agitation and steam sparging for better contact between oil and bleaching earth.

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PACKD™ Deodorizer

PACKD™ Deodorizer consists of high efficiency packed Stripping Column and Retention column designed for deodorization

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LOWTRANS™ Deodorizer

LOWTRANS™ Deodorizer maintains two different temperature zones, High Temperature zone (245 – 260 deg C) and Low Temperature zone

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KOMPOSITE™ Deodorizer

In KOMPOSITE™ Deodorizer, all processes – Regenerative heating, Final heating, Deodorization of oil and Scrubbing of FFA – take place…

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Deodorization system operating at 1.5mmHg abs pressure with process temp of >250deg C and sparge steam of up to 0.8% of oil mass flowrate…

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FEVAC™, Vacuum Final Heater heats edibles oils and fats in deodorization stage by using thermic fluid or high pressure steam or any other…

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REGV™, Regenerative Vacuum Heat Exchanger, recovers heat of deodorized edible oils and fats by cooling it in deodorizing stage which in turn…

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SCR-EVAP™ Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger are commonly used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries…

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