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Edible Oil Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger Equipment

SCR-EVAP™ Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger

Heater for viscous and heat sensitive products

SCR-EVAP™ Scrapped Surface Heat Exchanger are commonly used in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It is ideally suited for products that are viscous, sticky and fouling.

In SCR-EVAP™ product is brought in contact with the heat transfer surface which is rapidly and continuously scraped, thereby achieving high heat transfer coefficients. In addition to maintaining efficient and uniform heat transfer, the scraper blades also provide simultaneous mixing and agitation. Since, product is in contact with the heating surface only for few seconds, it is prevented from scorching and other undesirable reactions.

SCR-EVAP™ consists of a cylindrical shell with rotor. The cylindrical shell has a heating jacket containing heating medium as steam or hot water. Mechanical seal at each end of rotor prevents leakage and contamination of product. It is provided with a VFD for speed variation.

Itis versatile in its applications and various unit operations can be carried out with it simultaneously.

Salient features:

Used in production of edible/ pharma grade/ Export quality lecithin (MR1/MR2 quality)

Used in drying Soap-stock of miscella refining.

Complete hermetically sealed system protects products from contamination.

Highly robust and maintenance free

No damage to the product

All product contact parts comply with USDA, FDA, 3A standards

Cleanable in Place (CIP)

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